It's 2008...
  Do You Know Where Your Company
        Will Be In 2010?...2012?...2017?

In the day to day crush of running a business, sometimes the long view gets lost. We know, because we've been there.

Well, the truth is that the world is speeding up, not slowing down. Globalization, technology, increased regulation, increased competition...the hits just keep coming - and that leaves precious little time for strategic contemplation. But you know, deep down, that strategic decisions are ultimately the key to ensure success for your company, your shareholders, your employees, and yourself. So what do you do?

Let JCDX give you a hand. We've been helping the leaders of SME companies sort through their strategic options for over eight years. New domestic or international markets, strategic outsourcing, growth through acquisition, incentive compensation and succession planning, restructuring operations, liquidity events...these are all fundamental strategic elements that we can assist you with in charting your company's future.

No "fluffy" charts or pretty diagrams, no 100-page reports that tell you what you already know. We know that you need practical, realistic options, clearly stated and complete with roadmaps to success - and, perhaps more important, a sober assessment of the risks and benefits of each option. After all, this isn't a b-school seminar, it's real life, and there's no grading on the curve.

We are mature professionals with backgrounds that include extended Big 4 experience, senior positions at multi-billion dollar international companies, and successful entrepreneurial endeavors - from start-up to sale. If you want a true partner that has shared your leadership experience rather than having merely studied it, give Paul Stukel a call at (630) 262-1264, or email for further information.
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